Origin Installation Guide

For install your game please follow these instructions:

1. Download Origin: https://www.origin.com/it-it/download and install in your PC.

2. Start Origin and log in with this access data: 


Username:    [Email]

Password:     [Email]

*Dont create a new account, just log in with this profile.


3. Go in the Origin library e click install.

4. Click PLAY and start the game. Once you have start the game for the first time, close the game and close origin.

5. Download the Origin Offline Software: http://tiny.cc/q0gg0y. Save this file on the desktop.

6. Start the Origin Offline Sofware for log in to Origin and play the game.

*This game works correctly only in OFFLINE MODE. Remember to start origin using ORIGIN OFFLINE START.

For any question please contact us on whatsapp - 3401288475.

Origin Offline Image: https://tinyurl.com/Originoff